photo escalade bloc La Bresse

Climbing in natural sites

From initiation to performance

Get familiar to height and to verticality: for all climbers, from 4 years

- Half-a-day sessions on rock or on boulders (2 to 3 hours):

We will teach you climbing basic knowledge and skills to achieve safe and fluid climbing gestures

- Full-day sessions on rocks or on boulders (approx. 6 hours):

Climbing smarter, to climb stronger: improve your climbing level taking your time and discovering several climbing sites of the Vosges and of Alsace

High routes (click here) -> high routes

Indoor wall climbing classes

From first steps to competition

Technique & coaching led by BEES2 certified and experienced instructors

Initiation classes:

An introduction to climbing basic knowledge & skills; improve and gain autonomy, in 2 or 3-hour indoor classes.

“Performing my first 6a level”

Tailored instructions with technical advising and an evaluation will help you performing your first 6a route.

“Performing my first 7a level
and opening my way to competition”

A tailored training program supported by video assessment, to help identify strengths and weaknesses. Personalized technical and physical evaluations, for climbers who want to achieve the 7th level.

Go higher and crux

cadre lesteur video
photo escalade SAE dans les Vosges
photo escalade bloc dans les Vosges

Escalade de bloc
avec crash-pad
(tapis de réception)

photo sae La Bresse

Structure artificelle d'escalade de La Bresse

photo escalade enfant La Bresse

à partir de 4ans

logo site adapté aux enfants
photo escalade Saint Amé

Escalade à Saint-Amé

photo escalade Saint Amé

Escalade au Rocher Hans

photo escalade Saint Amé

Escalade à Saint-Amé